Pousada Rancho Fundo
Pousada Rancho Fundo  Bahia Brasil

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Capoeira trip to Brazil. Capoeira holidays in Brazil, Capoeira training and school in Brazil "the real thing" Learn capoeira with the experts in Brazil, Brazil Capoeira Engenho. School, training, hotel, tours all in one.

The best way to learn is in Brazil!

Capoeira created a disguised as a dance martial arts training. This was developed in the colonial era by African slaves in Brazil. Brazil is still the Mecca of Capoeira and thus the best place for you to train the movements or possibly learn here. You will be accommodated with German care on site in a finca-style Brazilian guest house 1 or 2 week training stay with many extras Accommodation in a single or double room You will receive an hour of Capoeira private lessons every day. You will also have the opportunity to participate in 5 days training of the local Capoeira group.
Local Experts, Book Your Brazil Capoeira Training.



8/15-day capoeira trip to Brazil

7/14 nights in the pension

half board

airport transfer


5/10 x Capoeira Private Lessons

5/10 x participation in the training

the Local Capoeira Group Engenho

1 x city or beach tour

1 Capoeira pants and T-shirt

1 to 10 people per group


8/15 days

7/14 nights.

Roundtrip travel is not included in the price. However, return flight can be booked for a surcharge.

You can easily book the following services: arrival and departure by plane, rental car, additional nights, additional experiences and activities, travel protection


Until 18 years only when accompanied by a legal guardian.

Price per person in SR 8 days: 699 EURO / 15 days 1299 Euro

Price per person in DR 8 days: 559 EURO / 15 days 999 Euro